Endless Hallway of Doors by Dillen Endres

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Endless Hallway of Doors by Dillen Endres

Life Without is a Death Sentence in a box. 

Medium: Pencil, 160 lb bristol board

Contact: Dillen Endres # 111809 Idaho Prison system PO box 849 Eagle Pass TX 78853

[Image Description: Done with pencil on bristol board, this piece is set against a grey background. A box floats in the upper right corner containing a headstone, a vase with flowers, a glass of liquid, and a bowl. On the headstone is inscribed, “RIP 2Life”. A banner unfurls in the center that says, “A Life Sentence In Prison Is Still A Death Sentence”, and beneath that are a row of doors stretching into the distance at the right, ending in a bright light. An individual stands in the open doorway of the first with the letters ‘DOC’ across their chest. The rest of the doors are shut and have numbers at the top, starting with 15 and ending with 20. Along the bottom in a strong font are the words, “NO TO DEATH”. ]

IMG 8172photo Full
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