Paintings by Bruce Bainbridge

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Paintings by Bruce Bainbridge

Paint on cardboard

[Image Description: Made up of five individual panels, this set of pieces are swirls and waves of color on cardboard. They are arranged so that four of the panels surround a smaller, fifth panel. The westernmost panel features blue-white, blue-green, and cerulean wave-like colors that swipe from the upper left to the lower right. The northernmost panel is the larger and set on a bright red background with three raised panels placed on top. Using a large brush, the browns, yellows, and oranges zig-zag from the upper-left corner down to the lower-right. The easternmost panel is as large as the top panel. Set on deep orange-brown background, the swirls are softer and cloud-like and are light yellow, bright orange, and white. The southernmost panel is the largest and is set on a dark grey-black background. The foreground is made up of white and grey dabs and swirls, the movement more slow and asymmetrical than the other panels. It is a close color companion to the central panel. The same size as the eastern panel, the final piece has the softest movement of the group. It is on a light grey background with a heavy coating of paint and gentle swirls of grey and white brushstrokes that end with deep brown tips.]

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