Still Battling by Kenneth Flash Neely

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Still Battling by Kenneth Flash Neely

mixed media on canvas • 24 x 24

I wanted to Create something to share how connected the fights that my Grandparents and Parents fought for Equality are the same fights that their children and grandchildren fight today. How many more generations will have no choice but to continue this fight to be treated Equally in this country.

[Image description: The bottom of the piece is a collage centered around an image of a person of color holding an American flag. To their left are police officers with their guns raised, and to their right, more police officers in riot gear. Above these images is a small clipping that reads, “The evils that Dr. King shed his life for, Poverty, Racism, violence–they still exist. We are still battling them.” These images are situated on a background of black and brown with hints of blue and green.]

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