Wisdom from Avis by Anna Shaw

“Wisdom from Avis” by Anna Shaw


Incarcerated activists teach me the most about forgiveness, kindness, love, resilience and transformation. The prison industrial complex is made of violence, destruction, pain and evil. Human life is so precious and cycles of punishment destroy our souls. Incarcerated activists remind me of this each day and I am so grateful to get to know them and hear their words.

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[Image description by Repair the World PeerCorps teens: A grayscale illustration of a person with almost-shoulder-length hair, sitting in a dark room. They seem to be wearing a prison uniform – a v-neck shirt and pants. The room is dark, and there is nothing in the image beside the person and words above them. Their face is pointed upward at words written in chalk, “we are more than our worst day.” The quote is by Avis Lee. The area surrounding the person is lighter than the rest of the image, somewhat of a spotlight.]