2 Balance by Markeeta Condon

2 Balance by Markeeta Condon

Medium: Acrylic paint      

Size: 18 x 24 

Artist Statement: My artwork depicts a painting of one dark soul/person diagonally to the right and a yin yang soul in the reflection of the mirror, roughly in the center of the painting. The dark soul is surrounded by dark blue hues and shades of black and gray colors. The yin yang soul is surrounded by flowers in pink and green colors as well as the background of the sky and sun in the colors blue, yellow, white, and orange. The dark soul has no facial features while looking in the mirror, the moon in their brain is a representation of their dark feelings inside. The dark soul feels and seeks out what they truly want in the reflection of themselves. The dark soul feels found within themselves as they have looked within to feel the other side of themselves.  

My intention of making this piece was to depict a way of how I would describe freedom from not only my perspective, but from other’s perspective who can also relate on a deeper level. I did a lot of research beforehand to explore other perspectives than my own. I found inspiration from my favorite Disney movie, Soul. I loved the idea of depicting the portal as a source to get back to your authentic self. My definition of freedom became introspective. I brainstormed all my ideas in my sketchbook as I researched and then picked one that felt most authentic to me. I also went online to my favorite app, Pinterest, to find image references that would inspire and become a starting point in my idea development process. I used lines, space and color for the design of my artwork. I intentionally made the warm and dark colors to stand out with the use of the lines to separate them into their own spaces.

Image Description:  In my work’s content, I show a dark soul, diagonally in the right hand corner who’s decided to look within themselves to balance things out not only within their inner world, but outer world as well. I include symbolism such as, the dark gray flower on top of the head and the moon as their brain to represent their dark feelings surrounding them from the inside out. On the other side of them are blue cloudy skies with flowers and I use the yin and yang symbol as a representation of the other side of the dark soul’s self. This is what the dark soul is looking and seeking within themselves. The colors of the top half of yin yang symbols’ body (red, orange, yellow, green) are representations of the chakras within the yin yang subject that are activated, which are the root, sacral, solar, and heart chakras. This is a representation of the soul in the dark searching for freedom within themselves. I believe when you look inside yourself, you discover more about yourself. I feel that creates freedom within itself: to feel, to be and to do whatever you want, but for YOU on your terms.

Auction note: This piece cannot be shipped.