This website is the landing place for the work of Let’s Get Free’s Creative Committee. Let’s Get Free: The Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee is a group working to end Death by Incarceration (also known as life without parole sentencing), build a pathway out of the prisons back to our communities through commutation reform, support successful possibilities for people formerly and currently incarcerated, and shift to a culture of transformative justice.

The Creative Resistance committee works on the annual art show, public service announcements, social media graphics, films, magazines and newsletters and all things creative. Let’s Get Free has used art as an organizing tool since it’s inception working to raise awareness about excessive sentencing while prioritizing the voices of women and trans people in prison.

This website started out to hold the Life Cycles Toward Freedom Campaign wich was a specific multi-media campaign to raise awareness about women and trans people serving death by incarceration sentences in PA.

This collaboration took place in 2020 between the Women’s Lifer Resume Project of PA and Let’s Get Free: The Women and Trans Prison Defense Committee. Darlene Williams, Ellen Melchiondo, etta cetera have been the primary working group with Cyd Berger, Brittany Williams and Sheena’ King acting as consultants from the inside. Life Cycles Toward Freedom encompassed the End Death by Incarceration Art Show and four films.

Life Cycles Toward Freedom was made possible by financial support from the Open Society Foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Opportunity Fund.

Contact: letsgetfreepa@gmail.com or 443-603-6964 (etta)