Let’s Get Free’s Art Collection

This is an overview of Let’s Get Free’s Permanent Art Collection, which is meant to be borrowed to give voice to people in prison and create dialogue wherever it may be. The art has been gathered over the years from our annual art shows and years of collaborating with artists in prison. The biggest bulk of our art came from our 2020 End Death By Incarceration art show. We continue to add pieces.

Borrow the art collection

LGF’s Permanent Art Collection can be borrowed! You can borrow one piece, several pieces or the whole collection.

Contact: letsgetfreepa@gmail.com if you are interested in borrowing the collection.

View the art collection

This section is a work in progress – we’re still adding art and information to the collection.

List of artworks (more coming soon!):

Sheena King by Chris St. Pierre, acrylic on canvas – 2020

Redemption by Jenn Gooch, 10 foot Hand Woven tapestry made with 30 letters – 2018

Fawn by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli, Digital print of acrylic painting on leaf – 2017

Still Hoping (For that ‘Wake Up Free’) by Darrell Van Mastrigt, acrylic on canvas board – 2020

What We Lose by Elena House-Hay, watercolor – 2020

Life Sentence by Augusto Gallardo, pencil – 2005

The Key, Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli, Pastel on Black Paper – 2020

Solitary by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli, Instant coffee on a paper bag- 2020

This Life is Killing Me by Duane Montney, Pencil and Ink – 2020