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New Film: Wide Open

After decades in prison, Tamika Bell, Paulette Carrington and Starr Granger share some of what the journey home looks and feels like.

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by the numbers

women with life sentences


women sentenced to die in PA prisons


people who identify as transgender with DBI (that we know of)


women have been commuted since 1992


women have died in custody since 1982

We got issues

There are many facets to the issue of death by incarceration in PA and how it intersects with gender. Here are some of them explained.

  • Aging in Prison
  • Life Sentences are Death Sentences
  • Commutation
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Transformation, Resilience & Redemption
  • Compassionate/Medical Release
  • Public Safety
Water color portrait of a women breaking apart bars with the quote, ” Second Chances are first choices for Redemption” – Kristen Edmundson, Kristen is currently serving Life Without Parole at SCI-Muncy. Artwork by Morgan Overton.