Creative Resistance

Call for Art and Poems for Let’s Get Free’s 6th Art Show!

Call open to artists and poets on both sides of the prison walls

This year’s theme: Picture A Free World
Submission Due February 1, 2023

Picturing a Free World is an act of imagination in itself, and it will take creativity for us to get there. Art will help us imagine, to strategize and to continue our movements for freedom.

Show Opens July 2023 at Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh

Empathy is the Seed
Truth is the Water
Solidarity is the Bloomage

Featuring artists in prison & artists in solidarity with those in prison. Each artist responds to, creates from or embodies ingredients of abolition; the work to build and maintain a movement, the call for freedom, the desire to be seen, the presence and insistence on humanity, the practice of resistance and the true magic of possibility and what can be.

In this 7 minute short, Tamika Bell, Paulette Carrington and Starr Granger share some of what the journey home looks and feels like. They were all sentenced to die in prison when they were teenagers. They are home now after decades of incarceration.

End Death by Incarceration 2020
Art Show

This poignant 12 minute vignette features the transformative journeys of Tequilla Fields and Tameka Flowers who are both seeking commutation. This film radiates resilience and the power to change that is widespread amongst people with death by incarceration sentences. Listen to more stories here.

Let's Get Free's billboard on a street corner in harrisburg with five people standing underneath. "5,467 people in pa are sentenced to die in prison" The billboard has photographs of Tameka Flowers Charmaine Pfender and Sarita Miller.

The Creative Resistance Committee is just one part of Let’s Get Free.

by the numbers

women with life sentences


women sentenced to die in PA prisons


people who identify as transgender with DBI (that we know of)


women have been commuted since 1992


women have died in custody since 1982

We got issues

There are many facets to the issue of death by incarceration in PA and how it intersects with gender. Here are some of them explained.

  • Aging in Prison
  • Life Sentences are Death Sentences
  • Commutation
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Transformation, Resilience & Redemption
  • Compassionate/Medical Release
  • Public Safety