Daughters Magazine

Daughters is a new magazine edited by Sarita Miller in collaboration with Let’s Get Free. The first issue was published in December of 2020. This page contains highlights from the magazine and links to download each issue as a PDF.

Daughters Magazine

Issue 1 – December 2020

Message from the Editor

Topics highlighted in Issue 1 include:

  • Women’s health and experiencing menopause while incarcerated
  • Prisons and addiction treatment
  • Poetry, art, interviews, and more!

I’ve witnessed more women than I choose to admit suffer in prison from lack of adequate healthcare.

-Sarita Miller, “Menopause: the Nemesis of Eve”

I believe any prison sentence that eliminates the hope of one day being released should be considered cruel. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, it is not all that unusual.

– Heather Lavelle, “Unintended Consequences”

Training with staff is necessary to deal with the high level of women dealing with mental health issues and drug addiction. There should be stages of levels of care in dealing with residents.

– Interview with Nahesa Gray

Daughters Magazine

Issue 2 – Summer 2021

Topics highlighted in Issue 2 include:

  • Mental health: trauma, covid-19, stigma, and more.
  • Interviews with some “Queens Behind the Movement”
  • Spotlight on art and writing by ALOK
  • Relationships, jealousy, and codependency
  • Commutation, the board of pardons, and legal issues
  • …and so much more!

Daughters is a faith-based, political publication founded by Sarita Miller (SCI Muncy) that aims to illuminate issues and perspectives, specifically those of women, pertaining to the crisis of mass incarceration in this country. A platform for us and by us, Daughters will be a pathway to the expression of our fears, our struggles, our pain and our needs. Although for now we are confined, our spirits and voices soar free.

We are looking for articulate bold writers from the inside or outside who wish to express and expose the need for change in our criminal justice system and in the Department of Corrections. Poets and artists also welcome.

Let’s Get Free is supporting the publication for at least 2 years, alternating it with our general newsletter.

Contact: Daughters ℅ Let’s Get Free 460 Melwood Ave #300 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Let’s Get Free Newsletter

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