Call for Art and Poems for Let’s Get Free’s 6th Art Show!

Two hands are patting down the earth as young seedlings grow under a moon. The colors fade from darkblue to green in the foreground and orange to pink in the background. Text reads "Call For Art" and "Picture a Free World"
artwork by Devon Cohen

Call for Visual Art and Poems from artists on both sides of the prison walls

This year’s theme: Picture a Free World

Pierre Pinson, member of Let’s Get Free’s Prison Advisory Board, offered this theme. The theme is expansive. It can be interpreted many different ways and can connect to work you have already made or inspire new work. Picturing a Free World is an act of imagination in itself, and it will take creativity for us to get there. Art will help us imagine, to strategize and to continue our movements for freedom. What is a free world for you, for others? Perhaps it is literally being released from prison, maybe you consider system wide changes that would promote mass liberation, maybe you depict a small detail of what it looks like to feel or be free. What is your definition of Freedom? From what are you trying to free yourself? How are you trying to get free?

Let’s Get Free’s 6th Art Show is a fundraiser. By submitting art or poems to the show you are consenting for your art to be auctioned and sold to raise money to support Let’s Get Free. By submitting artwork and poems you are consenting to allow us to post and use your artwork to raise awareness on different platforms. We will credit you and share whatever we make with you!

This is a contest. This year we are hosting a contest solely for Artists and Poets in prison. We consider all art from people outside of prison an offering of solidarity in support of the movement to end mass incarceration. Note: this is different from last year; our process is always evolving. 

Submission Deadline:
May 15, 2023(last extension)

The show will open in July of 2023 at Concept Gallery in Regent Square Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Please reach out if you can’t make the deadline. 

Send Art and Poems To: Let’s Get Free ℅ ART SHOW: 460 Melwood Ave #300, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Please include: Title, Medium, and artist’s statement. Reminder ONLY SUBMIT 1 POEM.

Questions: – 443-603-6964

“Picture A Free World” Submission Guidelines

We love receiving artwork connected to the theme. HOWEVER, if the theme doesn’t inspire you – PLEASE –  GO ROGUE AND SEND ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE 🙂

Visual Art: All mediums welcome, no size restrictions. Illustrations, collage, paintings, sculpture, charcoal, textiles, cross stitch, sculpture, blankets, you tell us…. You can submit as much visual art as you like.

Artists in Solidarity please note Digital Only pieces will not be accepted. If you are an outside digital artist please send us a physical copy of your art to be a part of the show.

Poetry: Please submit only one poem. <3 This is the second-year poetry is included in our show. Because of the volume of contributions last year and our limited capacity, we are only able to accept one submission per person.

Prizes for Artists/Poets in Prison

Prize categories may change slightly. More categories may be added depending on our resources.

Visual Art Prizes

Piece that embodies the theme: $100
Outstanding first time submission: $100
Outstanding use of materials: $100
Outstanding textile: $100
Piece that moves our movement: $100

Poetry Prizes 

Poem that embodies the theme: $100
Outstanding poem to set to music/song lyrics: $100
Piece that moves our movement: $100
Poem that reveals/speaks the truth/takes the wool off our eyes: $100

Kid contest (14 years and younger) – NEW THIS YEAR

Any child family member impacted by incarceration is invited to participate this year! It is our first time adding this element to our show. A prize for every participant! Teens 15 and older are welcome and encouraged to participate in the contest for cash prizes. They will be a separate category.

Scholarships for Art Supplies

If you are incarcerated and participated in our contest in any of our previous art shows, you are eligible for an art supply scholarship if you are planning to participate in this year’s show. Please write for more details. There is a limited number of scholarships with priority to women and trans prisoners.

Shipping scholarships

If you need financial support to ship your piece, let us know.