A Spell for Sherry by Noam Kiem

My paintings are healing spells, they are meant to guide us energetically towards new worlds . When I read this quote from Sherry Blair “Is there anything I can do to show you how sorry I am?”, I wanted to paint a piece that would map out Sherry’s path towards self-forgiveness and liberation. Pine, rose and Lily stargazer are all plants that support us in releasing guilt and shame and actualizing our sense of self-worth. May Sherry find peace, may she get free so that we can all be freer.

Medium: Acrylic on American chestnut

[Image description: A painting on a piece of american chestnut. Two boxes painted in blue at the top of the piece read: “I’ll be free when Sherry is free” and “We won’t be free until Sherry is free.” Various shades of blues, purples and greens are used to depict flowers, leaves, and other shapes. The center of the piece reads “you are loved” in a dark green eye shaped section with golden shapes surrounding it like eyelashes. There is  a feeling of growth created from bottom to top with various shapes and depictions of flowers and other elements of nature coming out of a dark green semicircle.]

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