America the Colorful by Gary Farlow

America the Colorful by Gary Farlow
Size: 8.5 x 11

Gary sent this poem with the art. 

People “Like Us” by Gary K Farlow

Right off the bat
Let’s get things straight
I’ve no time to waste
No time for hate

Being gay is no crime
It’s not a taboo
We are not a disease
You can catch like flu

Some try to claim
AIDS is a curse
God’s judgement on gays
On people “like us”

We’re your neighbors
Family, friends
the people at church
For being gay is no sin

We’re on city streets
And rural country roads
So stop the hate
Have you no shame?

Image Description: This image is made with colored pencils and features a flag in the background. On the top left, there’s white stars on a blue square, and then the stripes start from the top to the bottom, each one, a different color of the rainbow, extending all the way down. Across the middle is a black hand and a white hand holding each other tight.