An Untimely Death by Shonda Walters

An Untimely Death by Shonda Walters

Ball point pen on the back of a folder

July 19th

To tell you the truth I really struggle with the thought of entering the contest and everyone around me was scrambling to submit work and honestly, I’ve been at odds with my skill level and didn’t feel like i had the ability to produce anything worthy.

A friend said, “Shonda, an honorable mention is still $50” and hell if that’s all I get I’m alright with that because $50 is $50.

So i thought about it and while sketching a tatoo for someone a light hit me and I was all in.

This is what I’ve felt like my 17 years in prison. I survived death row to still be crushed by the sands of time of a life sentence without parole and I hope it fits your premise…

Besides, if it doesn’t, an honorable mention would be nice – $50 is still $50 right? Have a great day!

Sincerely Yours,

Shonda Walter

P.S. Sorry i had to bend it. I couldn’t waste time through property of I’d have missed the deadline.

[Image Description: This piece was done with a ballpoint pen on the back of a folder. A white woman with straight hair and glasses looks out at the viewer, holding a sand hourglass before her, her right hand on top, and her left on the bottom. On her right forearm are the letters ‘PERSPOET-VE’, some of which face different directions. Only her eyes are visible over the top. The top and base of the hourglass are wood, and chains act as the four pillars, surrounding the glass. The top of the hourglass holds a skull, and in the eye sockets are the letters ‘LW’ and ‘OP’. The sand pours from there down on top of a miniature version of the woman who is trapped. The sand spills onto her downturned head and piles up around her as she kneels with one hand against the glass that traps her.]

Click on the three images below for a close up