BLM by Angela Hellman

Hello my name is Angela Hellman. I”m 33 and currently incarcerated @ SCI Muncy. Art has been a huge piece of my sanity as I’ve spent several years of my life imprisoned, both as a juvenile and most of my adulthood. It’s my escape. 

My passion for both art and poetry come from unspeakable pain and often loneliness, but I find that I’m at my best while at my worst. 

While I may not be a victim of life behind bars, I still feel an obligation to myself and others to speak n and fight for what is right…

Just because I’m not waking in those shoes don’t mean I haven’t felt them out for size. 

These 2 pieces are inspired by the trying times in which we are subject to both the world outside of these walls and inside the world i’m imprisoned in. Originally I put together the BLM piece without knowing the topic of the contest however it speaks loudly on the movement that is currently going on. So I would like to submit it considering that African American men and women all over the country are being targeted and are losing their lives at the hands of police, correction officers, judges, etc, inside and outside of prison Death By Incarceration upon arrest and while incarcerated, in holding cells (Sandra Bland) and so on. 

My second piece speaks for itself as a woman with a life sentence visits with her daughter and grandchild sick and immobile but still forced to spend her final days of life talking through glass without the comfort of physical contact. If you could contact me once you receive this via kiosk messaging or mail, and let me know your opinions and inform me that you received it I would appreciate it. 

Also I’m open to any opportunity you have for me to get my artwork and poetry out there, so if you have anything please let me know.

Medium: Drawing

Connect: Angela Hellman #OU5979 SCI-Muncy

[Image description: The piece centers around an image of a Black person with their hands on the sides of their face. We can see their dreads come through their fingers. They are wearing a red zip-up hoodie, a gold chain with a cross, and have tattoos on their forearms. In the background, to the left there is a person spray painting “BLM” on a brick wall. To the right is a police car. A white police officer has their knee of the neck of a person of color on the sidewalk. Another white police officer has a person of color on the ground holding a gun to their head. In the foreground there are fists raised in the air and shadows of protestors holding up various protest signs.]

Click on the image below for a close up.