Colorful Message by Luis Tapia

Colorful Message by Luis Tapia

Medium: Prismacolor color pencil, pencil, ink pen

Size: 11” x 7” 

Image description: A drawing using prismacolor pencils, pencil, and ink pen. A colorful background image of a grim reaper whose head is surrounded by three large purple roses. The background is blue on the left side and gold on the right side with a yellow border. He is wearing purple robes and holding a scythe with a purple handle and yellow blade. There is a scroll banner on two lines with the words “LET’S GET FREE.” Below the reaper and banner there are flames. There is a clock with wings and a cross. Below that there is a piece of notebook paper with a list with the words: 









Below that there is an envelope with the artist’s address as the sender: L. T. #61741-112, US Penitentiary, PO Box 2000, Bruceton Mills, WV, 26525. 

The recipient address is: 460 Melwood Ave #300, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

In place of a stamp, there is the word: HOPE

In the bottom right corner there are steps leading to a door. 

The artist signed the piece “L. Tapia 2023”