Contumelious by Anntonésa Woodard

Contumelious by Anntonésa Woodard

Medium: Pen and pencil
Size: 3 X 5 on 8.5 x 11 page

Image Description: A pen and pencil image of a person with long hair sitting on their knees with their eyes closed, a solemn expression, arms and hands down by their side, and a long scar over their chest. There is a large ball and chain tied around the waist of the person. In the upper right corner is a window with bars. To the top left of the person’s head is a heart-shaped skeleton key hanging from a nail in the wall. On the floor underneath the key is a locked cage with the person’s heart inside. To the left of the key and cage is a rounded door with a small window with bars at the top.

Transcription of poem:


overtakes me
Can’t see
Eyes swollen shut
From blows of anger and fear
That one of these days I’m gonna leave
How did I get here?
Day after day?
Just can’t be pleased!
Always on bended knee
Begging for forgiveness for everything!
Sick of your so-called heart-felt sorry’s
Promising me you’d
Never do it again
That’s the one thing you do well
I’ve taken your crap
Time after time
I am so sick of you!
What I really need to do is say
“Forget you, go to hell!” But I can’t
Because I LOVE you!