Cutting Thoughts by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

Cutting Thoughts by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

Artist bio: Hyung-Rae also known as TR is famous for his incredible paintings on leaves that fly across the fences into his reach. He calls them his contraband series. You can read more about TR on Let’s Get Free’s Prison Advisors page. TR is among the over 5,400 sentenced to die in PA’s prison with a Life Without Parole sentence.

TR has an Instagram page: @toddhyungraetarselli

Medium: paint from coffee, white pencil on paper bag    

Size: 14.5 x 13

 Image Description: This is the classic image of a man thinking. He has a bald head and his muscular arm is curled around so his hand is underneath his nose. The painting is made with coffee, white, pencil, and gray pencil. Circling into the man you can see concertina wire that very thick barbed wire spiraling into his for head. The painting is done on brown paper so you can see the crinkling of the brown paper and the gloss of the coffee with sugar in it.