Deserving of a Second Chance

Deserving of a Second Chance by Megan Lentz

As an artist in solidarity, my main goal is to amplify the voices of the women and trans people currently incarcerated. I chose to make these portraits of Cyd Berger, whose words I believe get to one of the core issues of “justice” through punishment and incarceration. Our carceral system merely perpetuates cycles of violence and prevents the true healing of our communities. We must rethink what justice means to us, learning from the voices and experiences of those most harmed by our current system.

Digital artworks

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[Image description: The image depicts a medium shot of Cyd Berger, a woman of color wearing a beige shirt and hoop earrings with her head resting on her hand. The background is a medium shade of purple with dark purple bubble letters reading, “ Who are we to say who is or who isn’t deserving of a second chance -Cyd Berger. Incarcerated 11-8-80 at age 24.”]