“Editha Dorothea” Life after FSL by Marius Mason

A softly textured watercolor image of a woman sitting on a park bench. The woman looks at the viewer and is smiling with a closed mouth. The woman has chin length dark brown hair, medium brown skin, brown eyes, red lips, and is wearing a tan button down shirt and matching pants. Above the figure of the woman is a heavily blossoming tree, with pink and white blossoms. Some petals are falling down around the woman.

“Editha Dorothea” Life after FSL by Marius Mason
Medium: Water color
Size: 9 in x 7 in

Artist statement: Editha Dorothea (or “Edie”, as we called her) was my bunkie here for a time. She got a compassionate release, thank goodness and went back to Michigan to be with her kids. A former beauty pageant winner, a Phillipino-American nurse in her 70’s (and did not look it at all) whose company got mixed up in some bad billing. She’s a stong-willed woman and an avid gardner – so i wanted to picture her surrounded by a lush tropical garden (like her childhood home)! bet she’s planning on planting a huge garden this year, now that she’s home.

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