Empathy by Darrell Van Mastrigt

Two large open hands are cupped holding some seeds in their palms. The seeds are brown with white stripes defining them. The word “Empathy” is spelled out across the seeds, one letter on a seed. The skin tone of these hands are a bit ambiguous; the palms could be a person of any race though the highlighting around the edges suggest someone of African descent. The background is a deep dark blue and in the right corner is a yellow signature of the artist “Van 21”

Empathy by Darrell Van Mastrigt

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 16.5 in x 21 in

Artist Statement:

Empathy is freely given even when not deserved.  It is our connection to those we love, those in our communities, and those who are foreign or strangers. Our connection to the world and how we fit in it. Empathy lets us feel what others feel, how they hurt, and how we can help.

Having empathy makes us human and shows us humanity. To feel empathy for those in prison is hard for many. We made horrible mistakes and committed crimes causing hurt and pain for others. Many of us deserved to be punished and ignored at one time however, people change and mature. They grow up and learn from the consequences of their actions. We learn how hard it is to do the right thing at times. Having empathy can be hard for some but is also a form of beauty and grace we all strive to attain.

Thank you for your empathy.

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