Empathy is the Seed Art Show

 Let’s Get Free’s 5th Annual Art Show 
Featuring artists on both sides of the walls

This art show is open to people currently in prison and people on the outside.This year’s show will have both online and in person elements. Select pieces will be shown in the physical gallery. All entries will be entered into the contest. 

Opening Night Nov. 19th
6-9 pm
Brew House 711 21st Street

Auction Begins!
DJ, Snacks,
Cheap Art Sale

Please Mask Up!

This year’s theme: Empathy is the Seed, Truth is the Water, Solidarity is the Bloomage 

This is a recipe we think is crucial to shifting our world from the paradigm of punishment to that of healing. 

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Truth: the quality or state of being in accordance with fact or reality Solidarity: unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. Bloomage: The blossoms or bloom of a plant or area taken collectively.

Opening night is November 19 at Brew House

Art Auction & Prizes

Let’s Get Free’s 5th Annual Art Show is a fundraiser. By submitting art or poems to the show you are consenting for your art to be auctioned and sold to raise money to support Let’s Get Free. 

This is a contest. Like last year, there will be two contest categories: Artists on the Inside and Artists on the Outside.The contest categories and prizes will be a little different this year than last year if you participated in that show.

Winners will be announced by December 19th – the closing of the show.

Prizes for Artists/Poets on the Inside

Visual Art Prizes

Piece that embodies Empathy: $100
Piece that embodies Solidarity: $100
Piece that embodies Truth: $100
Piece that moves of us – our spirit, our movement: $100
Best use of materials $100
First Time Submission: $100
Best Textile: $100
People’s Choice Award: $100

Poetry Prizes

Poem that best ties the theme all together: $100
People’s Choice Award: $100

Poetry Prizes – 4 prizes

Piece that embodies Empathy: $100
Piece that embodies Solidarity: $100
Piece that embodies Truth: $100
Piece that moves of us – our spirit, our movement: $100

Visual Artists in Solidarity Prizes

Piece that moves of us – our spirit, our movement: $100 
People’s Choice Award: $100

Scholarships for Art Supplies: If you are incarcerated and participated in our contest last year or any of our previous art shows, you are eligible for an art supply scholarship if you are planning to participate in this year’s show. Please write for more details. There is a limited number of scholarships with priority to women and trans prisoners. 

Submissions are now closed.

Visual Art: All mediums welcome, no size restrictions. Illustrations, collage, paintings, sculpture, charcoal, textiles, cross stitch, sculpture, blankets…   

Poetry: We’re adding poetry to our art show this year! This is a new addition to our annual art show so our process is unfolding. We welcome your poems. 

Deadline to Submit Art:
October 15, 2021
Art Show

The show will open in mid November and have in person and online elements. Feel free to reach out if you can’t make the deadline. 

Send Art and Poems To: Let’s Get Free: 460 Melwood Ave #300, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213:

Please include: Title, Medium and artists statement 

Digital Only pieces will not be accepted this year, If you are an outside digital artist please send us a physical copy of your art to be considered in the contest.