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 On the left is a series of six pieces of featured in the show. The top left has a colorful depiction of mechanized hearts with pipes and steam, a watercolor of two people watching the video and the light of the video projector is casing a ray, then the face of an aging man painted with coffee, next is a papercut of a crab carrying a sea urchin, then an agave plant growing behind the prison fence, and a watercolor of a woman wearing glasses and a rainbow colored mask and earrings holding a bouquet of flowers. TEXT READS: “Let’s get free presents empathy is the seed, truth is the water, Solidarity is the Bloomage Art show opening. Friday November 19 6 to 9 PM Brew House 711 S. 21st St. southside. Auction begins, DJ, art sale, please mask up”
Opening Night
Friday Nov. 19th
6-9 pm

Brew House 711 21st Street (Southside)
Auction Begins in person and online! DJ, Snacks, Refreshments, Cheap Art Sale
Please Mask Up!

Members of Let’s Get Free will be at the gallery Friday 11/26 and Saturday 11/27 between 11 and 4pm giving gallery tours.

@ the Brew House
711 21st Street (Southside)

Come read some of the 40 poems submitted by people in prison in the gallery on Monday December 13 th
7-8:30 pm

Zoom link will be posted at:

Two large open hands are cupped holding some seeds in their palms. The seeds are brown with white stripes defining them. The word “Empathy” is spelled out across the seeds, one letter on a seed.  The skin tone of these hands are a bit ambiguous; the palms could be a person of any race though the highlighting around the edges suggest someone of African descent.  The background is a deep dark blue and in the right corner is a yellow signature of the artist “Van 21” TEXT READS: Gallery hours. Brew House 711 S. 21st St. southside. November 20 to December 19. Thursday 2 to 7 PM Friday and Saturday 11 to4 PM
Radical Art Market
Last Weekend of Show

December 18 – 19th
Saturday & Sunday
11- 3pm
Brew House 711 21 st. (southside)

Vendors Include
Just Seeds Artist Collective
Moteasa Communitea Blends
Fete Fete & Portals to Power
Black Unicorn Library
Lavender Estero (new printmaking collective)
Let’s Get Free Cheap Art Sale
Brew House Distillery Residents
Zeal Eva   (18th only)
Juliandra Jones (PBJ Customs) 
Lizzee Solomon   (18th only) 
Jessica Alpern Brown 
Social Living

The back ground is black and to the left is a painting of a deep red anatomical heart with a pink brain nestled beneath the arteries. A yellow sunflower with healthy green leaves is growing up from the center of the heart. Tan roots emanate from the bottom of the heart stretching down. Blood drips from the main artery and some of the roots. The painting background is black with a white and grayish oval under laying the image of heart-brain-flower. TEXT Reads “ Let’s Get Free’s 5th annual art show for Abolition. Empathy is the seed, truth is the water, solidarity is the bloomage,. Featuring artist on both sides of the prison walls. November 19 through December 19. Brew House 711 S. 21st St. Pgh, PA 15203 creative-resistance.org”