Every Sentence Comes to an End by Gary Farlow


Every Sentence Comes to an End by Gary Farlow

Medium: color pencil

Artist statement: “For me, art, whether visual or written, can be symptomatic as well as reflective. Whether tranquil or feverish, it can capture the temperature of the times. 

Art and poetry can open the doors the heart has closed and deadbolted. It can slow time down or speed it up, using lines and stanzas, strokes and colors, to create suspense calling the attention to moments when the ordinary experience changes and flares into vivid portrayal. Art can give one strange yet intoxicating possibilities.

Amidst this barren wasteland of humanity called prison, there lies the spark of creativity. Like a tender shoot pushing up through a crack in cement, art lives in the most dismal of places. It is a reminder of hope, a beacon for survival, a measure of worth. Man’s own inhumanity to man cannot destroy the beauty that lies within each of us, pushing its way out in exultation of a free spirit.”

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