For Freedom, Hong Kong by J. Scott

For Freedom, Hong Kong by J. Scott

Medium Acrylic on canvas

Size 11×14

Artist statement: I contemplated the idea of freedom as a basic human right, one that is too often taken away. All beings are born with an instinctual desire to be free. Unfortunately, it is the nature of government to suppress that freedom. That’s why we see what happened in Hong Kong. Those who yearn to be free will rise up to fight, and possibly die, to achieve that goal.

Artist Bio I am a self taught artist who has been painting for over 12 years. I work exclusively in acrylics using several different materials as canvas. I try to create interesting textures using items such as masking tape and toilet paper as backgrounds. This leads to dramatic textures, and a unique look in my subjects. My goal is to engage the viewer in a way that moves, invigorates, and leaves an impression. 

Image description A man in black riot gear strides purposely through a smokey, hazy background of blue, gray, and black. He is protected by a round shield on his right forearm and wears a helmet and gas mask on his head. A green utility pack is on his back