Freedom is Worth Dying For by Dominic Newsome

Freedom is Worth Dying For by Dominic Newsome (Sitting Bull)

Hello, I’m sending 3 portraits because I do not know how many to send. So you guys can decide the artwork that may have a chance. I’ve been locked away since Jan 1st 1990 in the state of Maryland, and transferred to PA in Nov 2000 due to a riot in the MD DOC that I started in 1997. And the PA DOC held me in “the hole” or RHU from Nov 2000 til 2018. So I never had REAL art supplies to work with, only a jail issued pencil and ink pen, so I learned how to use basic tools and combine the pencil and pen as one, and you’ll see the results. I do not have financial support because I’ve outlived just about everyone. If I win anything, it’ll go toward buying real art supplies. Enclosed is Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Sitting Bull, and Black Panther. I chose these “freedom fighters” because they are symbols for the belief of justice and freedom for all oppressed peoples. 

January 1990 was when my freedom was lost and I chose to become one of the most violent prisoners in the history of the state of Maryland. So due to a prison riot and convictions of trying to murder a couple of prison guards, I was sent to the PA DOC from the MD Supermax on November 2000, and only got released from the RHU from general pop around July 2019. So I control my violent urges with my artwork, the amount of detail I use in my art forces me to remain calm and complete the task at hand. I’ve lost time working on my art skills through practice, because I was so caught up trying to destroy anyone and everyone in my path. Never again. 

Medium: Jailhouse inkpen and pencil

[Image Description: In this piece, Sitting Bull sits rigidly with firmly-set lips, staring out of the incredibly detailed portrait at the viewer with eyes like deep pools. His long, straight, dark hair is tied behind him, with a feather placed in the knot. The light plays off his shirt, fur-lined coat, and the wrinkles in his skin. It looks almost like a photograph.]