Hate Not by Ms. Ge Ge Morales

Hate Not by Ms. Ge Ge Morales

Medium Acrylic paint on canvas

Size 9 x 12

Artist Statement: I choose this work to display our ability for compassion. Also, if we existed in a free world, we could unite and destroy hatred, poverty, and hunger world wide, as well as global warming. If I could say just one thing, I would say ‘smile’ – we need more of that. 

Artist bio: My name is Ms. GeGe, and I am a transgendered female (transitioned from male). I am also the founder of an organization called the L.I.G.H.T Coalition, which is a sister organization of Hearts on a Wire in PA. We strive to educate ourselves and our members on topics like health and law and policy within the PA Department of Corrections so that we can use the tools that are available to us to fight for freedom and abolition of all prisons. 

I got started painting in prison during some rough times. I realized that the only way to look beyond was to paint, to see the light through the dark. It was the beauty and brilliance that was sitting just outside. It takes the weight off my shoulders and gives me a sense of calmness. It delights me when I can create something that others can appreciate. My dream is to change the world by creating such a profound piece of work that people are forced to work together to unveil its true meaning. My art has changed over the years from a tiny abstract painting that I gave to my brother, to now when I’m painting murals for my prison. I just love to paint.

Image description: An image of Earth is slightly off centered, with dark blue water and brown land showing South America and some of North America. White wispy clouds cover the planet. In the right ⅔ of the background, dark purple and red are blended together, with white splatters to depict stars. In the left ⅓ of the background, a colorful design spreads across the piece as if coming from behind the Earth. The design is made up of solid lines of paint in swirling, blocky, and zig-zag patterns. The lines are the colors of the rainbow.