Love Each Other by Mark Loughney

Love Each Other by Mark Loughney

Medium: ink
Size: 9 X 9

I call these little striped characters Botflies. They’re pupae…and they represent a transitional life stage. Their black and white stripes are indicative of a prisoner, but they seem to have an innate bouncy joyfulness that seems ready to bust out of their shiny chitinous exoskeleton. Prison is a land of repetition and regimentation, so I’ve depicted that in my paintings by organizing my Botflies into rows and columns. – Loughney

Mark is a prolific artist and was featured in the Marking Time Exhibition.

This piece is not for auction

A drawing of multiple black and white striped, two-eyed, oval-shaped figures that fill up the entire image. The figures start small around the border and get larger towards the center of the image. Between each of the many figures are bright red hearts.