Hope by LeRoy Sodorff

Hope by LeRoy Sodorff

Medium: multimedia on coffee stained paper, pen

Size: 8.5 x 11

Artist statement: To Grow in my Walk


I finally made a score
with a pessimistic view
of this spartan
draconian world
that i wander thru

Environmentally – controlled
a rotation of a dial
flip of a switch
press of a button
rank and vile

Nary a boobtube
upon to gaze
at the stars
no channels to surf
nor rides to wave

Flat on my back
feet upon the wall
this shut in eats
steep and receives mail
at my beckon call.

Image description: The background of the piece is a page of coffee hand stained paper, tan in color. Across the middle third of the page, a scene is depicted. There is a medium brown foreground, with a silver colored straight road running down the middle and vanishing in the distance. This foreground is mostly vacant, aside from heart shaped marks, likely depicting plants, that are arranged symmetrically around the road. At the horizon, there are dark brown shapes reminiscent of buttes and mountains. The sky is white. The central image is bordered in dark brown.