I’ll Never Swallow This Pill

I’ll Never Swallow This Pill by Christine Lorenz

This illustration is called I’ll Never Swallow This Pill. It’s a colorized version of an illustration commissioned for the anthology Life Sentences: Writings from Inside an American Prison, written by participants in the Elsinore Bennu Think Tank for Restorative Justice, published last year by Belt Publishing. The words come from Oscar Brown, who was at the time incarcerated at SCI Pittsburgh (which you can see in shadow form in the illustration). The entire essay is in the book, and it begins: “I will never throw in the towel and be consumed by this incarceration. I told myself that if I get convicted they can have my body but never my mind or spirit.” 
This colorized version is dated 2020, dimensions variable, print available for donation to Let’s Get Free! by contacting me at lorenzc@comcast.net

[Image description: The piece is built from the words of Oscar Brown. The words are in blue and are used to create an image of a skyline and it’s reflection in water. The image consists of various shades of blue, with a seafoam green gradient background as the sky.]