In the Business of Reaping by Daly

In the Business of Reaping by Daly

It’s supposed to show the abuse of power by judges who utilize sentencing to carry out their personal biases and vengeance rather than rehabilitation. The law only applies to whom they wish it to, that person trapped in his hourglass could be any law-abiding citizen of Pennsylvania. Even you. The time for reform is now. 

Medium: Colored pencil

Lauren “Daly” Daly (They/them) OV8900 SCI Cambridge Springs

[Image Description: A skeletal figure looms over an emaciated figure trapped in a wooden hourglass that it clutches in its right hand. Its left-hand holds a judge’s gavel and the armrests on the bent knee, as the gigantic figure leans toward the viewer. It wears judicial robes with a blue pendant penned at the base of the neck. The tiny figure in the hourglass reaches upwards against the glass, but their face is obscured by the bones of the judge’s fingers that curl over the top of the wood. ]

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