Solitary by Todd Tarselli

Solitary by Todd (Hyung-Rae) Tarselli

Solitary was done by using the instant coffee packets found in the “lockdown bags” (breakfast bags given during a typical lockdown). This piece shows a portrait of someone looking through the food slot while being held in a solitary confinement unit. People in solitary are held for 23 hours a time and let out for one hour day into a giant cage for “rec”.

Hyung-Rae also known as TR is famous for his incredible paintings on leaves that fly across the fences into his reach. He calls them his contraband series. You can read more about TR on Let’s Get Free’s Prison Advisors page. TR is among the over  5,400 sentenced to die in PA’s prison with a Life Without Parole sentence.

[Image description: The piece depicts a closeup of a person looking towards the slot on a prison door where food would be passed, as they do when you are in solitary confinement.  One hand is curled under the side of their cheek, the other is reaching towards the slot. The tones of the image range from tan to dark brown. The brown paper is crinkled catching the light. ]