Justice by Gary Farlow

Justice by Gary Farlow
Size: 8.5 x 11

Image description: A drawing of a wooden frame with decorative carvings surrounds a window of metal bars. The metal bars are cut so that a shape of a heart is missing from the middle. Through the bars there is an outdoor scene, with a black silhouetted human standing atop a green grassy hill. They stand with arms spread wide. Behind the person, a colorful rainbow reaches across the light blue sky.

Poem: Justice by Gary K Farlow

Justice looks like many things:
The freedom to talk back ,
The ability to find your voice,
To ask hard questions,
To take a stand for what you know is right…..
Our voice is our greatest power,
to not be silenced……
For justice is a song
We should all sing
From the streets of Harlem
To the dirt roads of Appalachia….
Like a forest of strength
Our numbers are many, the colors of a rainbow
Blending into one voice,
The fruit of humanity ripened,
No longer willing to accept the status quo….
For justice belongs to everyone
And justice isn’t justice
Until it’s true justice for all…