Last Night’s Taco Sauce by Elena House-Hay

Last Night’s Taco Sauce by Elena House-Hay

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 

Size: 14 x 18

Artist statement: 

When I think of freedom, I think of what life I will gain once I am free. I fantasize about mattresses and soft couches, about healthy food and trips to the grocery store. But in my time here, I’ve realized while comforts are nice, they do not sustain you and the lack of them does not break you. What breaks you is the constant surveillance, the distance from your loved ones, and the feeling that your identity is fragile. When I am free, I hope to repair these breaking points. In my piece, I capture the three elements above. The names of my loved ones are written in gold, and my electronic millennial identity is overlaid by my fingerprints. Over all of it, a spray redacts what I care to keep private, finally able to close the door against the state. These are important to me; they are my dreams.

Image description: The nozzle of a spray bottle is seen in the lower right corner of this canvas. Spray from the bottle has eaten through a royal blue document on which was written names in gold. Behind the blue is a lime green circuit board covered with gold fingerprints.

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