Libertad para todxs by Andrea Narno

This long red banner has a linoleum print in the center that is an anotomical heart with plants growing out of it. There are words at the top and bottom that say," Libertad para todxs" (Freedom for Everyone) There is a red and white striped border at the top and bottom.

Libertad para todxs by Andrea Narno

Libertad para todxs (Freedom for everyone) 
Medium: Linocuts over repurposed fabrics, sewing 
Size: 27 x 55 inches 

Artist Statement: I wanna make the fabric blow along the wind, until everyone is free. I want people to see it when they come back home to us. I want everyone to fly free across the clouds like a piece of fabric drying to the sun. 

Nadie es libre hasta que todxs seamos libres.

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