Life is a Journey by David Richardson

Life is a Journey by David Richardson

Medium: Color pencil
Size: 8.5 x 11

Artist statement/bio : This work and the poem that accompanies it, titled ‘Life is a Journey’, were inspired by the message of Let’s Get Free.

My Life’s A Journey By David A. Richardson

I’ve frequented indecent places, and
Desired the most illicit things.
I’ve associated with wicked people.

But then I realized my existence was
Meant to serve a different purpose.
To find the answer to life’s riddle.

Like the harmful effects of air pollution
On the atmosphere, I couldn’t
Comprehend how crime damaged the

Therefore, I grew up in prison, where I
Took the time to learn the meaning of
Accepting responsibility.

Even though the sentence seemed harsh,
And the trial felt really unfair.

As I served my prison time, I found
Constructive things to do during my stay

Like practice my religion, earn a GED,
And even learn a trade.

All the things I didn’t have time to do
When I ran the streets tryin’ to stay paid.

I did not plan to spend decades in prison.
Wrong decisions blindly guided me this way.

I deeply regret my past behavior
Over and over I weep, as if it happened

I wait for the moment of my regret
Can turn to joy. No longer made to
Suffer for the harm I’ve done.

My release from prison one day would be
Like turning the page of a book.
A New Chapter I’ve Begun.

Image description: This illustration is created with colored pencils and it’s a bus driving down the street to the capital. It’s brightly colored and there’s text that says “Let’s Get Free to the left. The text is 3-D and kind of jumping off the ground. To the right is the daughters logo for daughters magazine with two birds, holding a banner that says daughters, the birds are pink the banner is yellow and it’s over laid on some bright green grass. There is text that says turn left at the state capital and then you can see the silhouette of capital buildings in the background.