Lineal Apparitions by M Raven

A painting of white stripes seemingly on top of a colorful, dynamic painted image of lines, patterns, and hands. On the left, the colorful portions of the painting are in colors of yellow, green, black, and white. Those colors shift to ochre, red, brown, black, and white on the right side of the painting.

Lineal Apparitions by M Raven

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 22.5 in X 17 in

Artist statement: “Lineal Apparitions” is a piece painted in acrylic paint, utilizing the colors of the earth. The white spaces can be interpreted as physical bars. Behind those bars, figures appear that are from the ancestral realm. They appear to guide those who need them, and also depict their time behind bars, and barriers as well that separated them from others.

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