Live Life to the fullest, Natural Freedom is out there by Nicole Little

Live Life to the fullest, Natural Freedom is out there! by Nicole Little

Medium: Acrylic and pen on canvas material

Size: 12 x 16

Image description: There are different vignettes in this painting. On the left upper corner, there’s a red brick wall with two bluebirds breaking through a wall. One of them has a key in its mouth. There’s graffiti on the wall that says “freedom, unrestricted, privilege, released.” There is a blue crescent, moon, and a sun with squiggly rays in the center of the image, they both have faces. To the right is a girl with long silver hair in a braid. She has pink skin and tattoos on her shoulder of a heart and stars. She has wings, and she is coming out of the mist. There are dandelions flowing in the wind, butterflies and dragonflies. At the bottom of the image, it says home on a roof and has a house with smoke coming out of a chimney and a gutter, going into the grass and the sidewalk leading up to a door.