Mirror Mirror on the wall by Avis Lee

Mirror Mirror on the wall by Avis Lee


Avis used a photocopy of the cross stitch below in her collage.

Avis Lee is one of the co-creators of Let’s Get Free and we are speaking her home THIS FALL. Her long awaited public hearing is scheduled for sometime in September. We really can’t wait.

[Image Description: This multimedia piece is placed on a green background and features a cross stitch above a collage that is bordered by multicolored triangles and rhombuses with one butterfly in the upper right corner. The cross stitch is of a Black woman in shorts and short sleeves with the letters ‘D.O.C.’ on her chest. She is standing next to a mirror at face height that frames the reflection of her short hair falling fashionably to the side of her face. Her arms are raised with her hands outstretched and palms upturned, and the words surrounding her read, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I wonder if they’ll ever grant me clemency at all!” The collage below the cross stitch is on a black background and crossed and recrossed by black and white strips that are laid out like a broken grid or a building floor plan. Words and pictures are sprinkled throughout like “shock”, “stressful”, “do the jail time”, “Girl”, “behind bars”, “Young”, “Listen to your gut”, and “Reunited”. A picture of the capitol, a key, a ball and chain, and a legal document are surrounded by red droplets.]

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