MLK Black Lives Matter by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

A black and white drawing of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s head and shoulders next to a large “BLM” in block letters.  MLK’s gaze is towards the BLM yet off into the distance; his face has an expression of being deep in thought and concern. The BLM block letters are filled with the names of people killed by police. Below that reads “AND TOO MANY MORE.....” and “THERE COMES A TIME WHEN SILENCE IS BETRAYAL. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.”

MLK Black Lives Matter by Todd “Hyung-Rae” Tarselli

Medium: white pencil on black paper

Size: 9 in x 12 in

Artist statement:

I asked etta to send me a list of names of people killed by police in the past two years, thinking I’d get a list maybe 2-or-3 hundred Names. It was shocking that in years 2020 and 2021 contained over 1,725 names. Too many Names!

This is not new or original but i hope it reflects his legacy. I hope it is a fitting tribute
The names came from Mapping Police Violence database.

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