Move at the Speed of Trust by Devon Cohen

Move at the Speed of Trust by Devon Cohen

Medium: paper cutting

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Artist statement: When thinking about the theme “Empathy is the Seed, Truth is the Water, Solidarity is the Bloomage,” this quote from adrienne maree brown really stuck in my mind: “Move at the speed of trust.” What we build is not separate from how we build. The image in this paper cutting is of a carrier crab (Dorippe frascone) carrying a red urchin (Astropyga radiata). The carrier crabs hold the urchins above their backs to protect themselves from predators, and the urchins get a ride to different feeding locations much faster than they would move on their own. These two creatures have learned about each other, and share their gifts with one another–the urchin sharing the gift of their protective poisonous spines, and the crab sharing their gift of speedy locomotion. For me their relationship is a beautiful realization of the idea “move at the speed of trust,” both figuratively and literally.

Devon is one of the co-founders of Let’s Get Free.

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