NOW by T. Foley

The word “NOW” cross-stitched on tulle fabric and mounted in plexiglass, which casts the shadow of the word on a wall in the background as the sun passes through the piece

NOW by T. Foley
Medium: Cross-stitch on tulle in a plexiglass magnetic frame
Size: 8 x 10

Artist statement: I’ve produced an interactive installation in which emoticons talk to people, a public art project in which people make and share their own regionally-based ringtones, and a performance video in which a blow-up doll learns to drive a car. I am compelled to draw others into my process, to facilitate a conversation, and to form connections within communities. To make my work, I use humor, draw upon on my own experiences, and gather source material from the real world.

Image description: The word “NOW” cross-stitched on tulle fabric, suspended in a plexiglass frame that enables the text to project as a shadow on the wall behind it when light passes through the piece.