Outgrown by Sara Lee Coffey

Outgrown by Sara Lee Coffey and Lonesome Daughter

Title: Outgrown

Concept: by Sara Lee Coffey

My friend Nichole has been serving DBI for 27.5 years. She has grown so much as a person during that time. She is calm, accepting, patient, loving, and motivated. She has taken tons of classes, read tons of books, and she is such an inspiration to me. But sadly, Nichole has really hit the ceiling in terms of growth. She deserves freedom.

After having a virtual meeting with her a couple months ago, and hearing her speak about this, this visual of flowers growing in a cell came to me, and Nichole’s favorite flower is a sunflower. I collaborated with artist Lonesome Daughter to bring this to life. Lonesome was inspired by their time living in Philly and seeing sunflowers planted in the cement, and how sunflowers (technically a weed) have the power to cleanse the soil and remove toxins. I feel this is a beautiful metaphor for what these women serving life sentences can do if released from prison.

Drawing (iPad): Lonesome Daughter

Typography (Adobe Illustrator): Sara Lee Coffey

[Image description from Repair the World PeerCorps teens: illustration shows sunflowers coming out of a metal cage that appears to be locked. The sunflowers are yellow and some of them are wilted slightly. Towards the center, there is on sunflower that appears fuller. The whole structure sits on top of a wooden crate platform. Underneath the image, the word “Outgrown” is shown over the quote “After 27 years, the flower needs new soil.”]