Peace Talk by Meredith Stern

Peace Talk by Meredith Stern

Medium: Relief Print

Size: 20 x 12.5

Artist statement: We are occasional attenders to the local Quaker meeting in our area. One year, the meeting gifted all the parents with a book called “Paths To Quaker Parenting: Using Quaker Beliefs, Testimonies, and Practices.”  You can purchase the book by clicking the book title.

Inside the book is a framework for dealing with conflict called “peace talk.” It lays out several steps towards resolving conflict through non-violent communication. I was inspired to try this within our family, and when we calm down and listen to one another we have better communication and peace within the household. I was inspired to create a poster based on this methodology, so that we could put it up on our wall, and so that other families could do the same. I hope this might resonate with people to join us in working collectively to better listen to one another and practice finding peaceful solutions to resolve conflict.

The poster says: Peace Talk Resolving Conflict.

  1. Stop. Stop what you are doing. Let go of the thing you are fighting over. Be quiet.
  2. Calm Down. Close eyes. Breath mindfully. Open eyes when calm. When all eyes are open we are ready.
  3. Attitude Check. Humility: Don’t assume you are right. Compassion: Care about each other. Practicality: Focus on solutions. Flexibility: Be willing to compromise.
  4. Kind Speaking. Youngest speaks first. Be honest. Tell the whole truth. Use a calm clear voice. Don’t accuse. Say, “I feel” or “it seems.” Clearly explain what the problem is. Make a suggestion to fix the problem.
  5. Respectful Listening. Don’t interrupt. Trust first in speakers honesty. Try to understand person’s feelings. Focus on solutions. Not who is to blame. Respond to the problem not your ego.
  6. Agree on a solution.

The poster is priced to simply cover printing costs, I am not profiting from the message. I will be making it available as a free download on the downloadable graphics page of this site.

Poster is unsigned, and unnumbered.