Picture a Free World by Vegan Soul

Picture a Free World by Vegan Soul

Medium: pen, marker, colored pencil, tape, toothpaste on drawing paper 

Size: 18×24

Artist statement: Berks is my best friend from 20 years ago who passed away over 10 years ago. He meant alot to me, and he first showed me how to graph years ago, but I did not put my soul and passion into it until I went to prison. 

Artist Bio Facebook: Hugo Gonzales  https://artforredemption.com/

Image description: This image has a cartoony vibe. The background is black, there are characters flying all across the top in bright pinks and whites and blues. Everybody has wings and big toothy smiles. There is a cat and a cow along with many humans, all of these creatures are floating above a giant earth that has big cartoony, pink and blue eyes a black spiral for a nose and a large toothy grin with a gold tooth that has a graffiti tag on it. There are stars and planets in the background and it says vegan soul in the bottom, right.