PICTURE of A FREE WORLD by Jeremy Burnworth

PICTURE of A FREE WORLD by Jeremy Burnworth

Medium: Photograph print on foamboard

Size: 12″x18″

Artist statement: “On a cold night in late January 2023, I had the privilege of meeting Eric, just exiting the Allegheny County Jail. He was pleasantly surprised when met by smiling faces and the warm embrace of strangers offering genuinely supportive kindness and help. Every Tuesday evening, volunteers Lia & Man-e of Community Care & Resistance in Pittsburgh (CCRIP) offer resources to people entering back into society from the doldrums of ACJ. Beyond just listening, they offer connection to services and organizations, bus passes, food, cigarettes, supplies, cash, and rides home- the very things people most need but rarely have access to in that moment. This is important work.

You may learn more @ccrip1312 or support their cause by contributing $ccrip1312

Having been in the deplorable place known as ACJ and other facilities, I appreciate and proudly support criminal justice reform organizations like CCRIP & Lets Get Free and the tremendous work they do. This piece is part of a project I designed with the intention of promoting criminal justice reform and increasing awareness about people’s experiences and truths with the criminal justice system, both in Pittsburgh and beyond.