Pittsburgh Champions by Kal- El

Pittsburgh Champions by Kal -El


[Image Description: This image has a cartoon like feel. The central image is the words City of Pittsburgh Champions. The word Pittsburgh is in gold graffiti style lettering with a black background, a yellow bridge with a high arch stands in the upper right background with the city skyline of Pittsburgh silhouetted. On the top is a street sign with street names Federal St. and N. View and a cartoon figure who is Black with a white head band with 412 written on it. The bottom right has a street sign with the name N. Lang and Hamilton Ave. and two figures – both Black – one is femme presenting with gold hair coming out of a stylish hat the other more masculine with a Pirates hat. Another street sign is to the bottom right with the names Fisher St. and Cresswell St. There is a white figure in the middle with a yellow skull cap with a Penguins emblem. On the bottom right there is a sign that says “St. Clair Village” with a group of celebratory silhouetted figures. Two silver trophies are at the center of the bottom with the word Champions in script. ]