Portrait of Cyd Berger by Mary Dewitt

Title: Portrait of Cyd Berger

Medium: Museum quality print

Size: 19 x 24

Artist statement: Mary Dewitt has been working with and creating art about women sentenced to life without parole in Pennsylvania for the last 30 years. In this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOs0X8nxO54) you can see her creating a new portrait of Cyd Berger and hear excerpts from an interview that Mary did with her many years ago. Cyd was recently denied Commutation for the 5th time. Cyd is a survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence, and she was not the lead actor in the violence that occurred, in fact she was not even in the room.

Artist bio: https://www.marydewittpainting.com/cyd-berger