Rainbow by Gary Farlow

Rainbow by Gary Farlow
Size: 8.5 x 11

Gary sent this poem with his art.

Rainbow by Gary K Farlow
A rainbow arcs above the razor wire
droplets of rain reflecting the sun
like Tiffany glass…
Red is the color of frustration
lost in the labyrinth
of stifled dreams …
Blue is the color of acceptance
a coming to terms with what is
And what will never be again…
Green is the color of rebirth
the yearning to grow, emerge
from this cathedral of pain
rising from the altar of injustice…
Yellow is the color of hope
a belief in tomorrow
to once again walk in the light…
Orange merges hope with frustration
as days slide into years
a rainbow bleeding into one
the indomitable human spirit
lifting from the depths of despair
unfettered, free
to simply….be