Restricted Housing Unit by Mark Loughney

Restricted Housing Unit by Mark Loughney

I call these little striped characters Botflies. They’re pupaeā€¦and they represent a transitional life stage. Their black and white stripes are indicative of a prisoner, but they seem to have an innate bouncy joyfulness that seems ready to bust out of their shiny chitinous exoskeleton. Prison is a land of repetition and regimentation, so I’ve depicted that in my paintings by organizing my Botflies into rows and columns. – Loughney

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Prison Portrait Project – article by Marshall Project. Mark is also featured in and on the cover of Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Nicole Fleetwood

[Image Description: This piece depicts 13 rows and 14 columns of black and white botflies with red eyes in the pupae stage of life. Each botfly is highlighted in blue or purple and the opposing purple or blue acts as the color of the cell. This purple-blue/blue-purple alternates as the eye goes to each next cell. A green and then black border surrounds the container.]

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