Solidarity Builds Change by Charmaine Pfender

A color-pencil drawing of four women and trans individuals working together to plant a flag and flagpole into a rock labeled “D.O.C.” The colorful flag has names of many groups that organize to end mass incarceration: Jail Break PGH., HRC, ALC, ACLU, SA, PPS, Decarerate P.A., J & M, FFLE, Cadbe, FFLW, LGF, F.A.M.M., HOAW, WLR PPA, LifersInc., Reconstruction Inc., and ALP. The rock has cracks where the flagpole is being planted and three flowers grow out of the cracks

Solidarity Builds Change by Charmaine Pfender

Medium: cardstock, color pencil and pens
Size: 8 in x 11 in

Artist statement: “The woman & Trans inmates feel the empathy from all the groups that fight, along side of LGF with the same agenda, to see us released from prison. But these groups also work with us to make sure our needs are being met while in prison. And because we are included in the work, we feel a part of our growth and the change it is bringing about. 

The Truth in this drawing is shown in the action of driving our flag into the DOC until it cracks & begins to bloom Change. Obviously, Solidarity is shown that many groups & hands of groups are on that flag forcing the DOC to listen to our Collective Voices. The cracks & flag itself created bloomage in the action of cracking the rock.”

Charmaine was one of the co-founders of Let’s Get Free and is on our Prison Advisory Board

This piece is not for sale.